Use Sexy!

Renee's Shear Magic

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Best known for our big red can of hairspray, in fact, we sell a can of hairspray every 4 seconds! We are the #1 professional hairspray brand, but what you may not know is that we are much more than that. We have a full line of both styling and hair care products to suit the need of every hair type.

BIG SEXY HAIR – creates voluminous hair

HEALTHY SEXY HAIR – adds moisture to improve hair health

STYLE SEXY HAIR – a variety of hold, shine, and texture to fit your styling needs

SMOOTH SEXY HAIR – smooths coarse hair types

VIBRANT SEXY HAIR – extra care for color-treated hair

CURLY SEXY HAIR – great for all curl types

BLONDE SEXY HAIR - especially for Blonde Bombshells

STRONG SEXY HAIR - adds strength and elasticity for damaged, fragile hair

LONG SEXY HAIR - detangles, moisturizes & adds shine to long hair & extensions

HOT SEXY HAIR - helps prevent heat damage and protects hair up to 450°F*